Almighty Father,
you are the source of all wisdom,
talents, and skills.

Thank you for these beautiful gifts
and opportunities to serve you,
using them in the work
you have entrusted to me.

Please open my heart
and enlighten my mind,
so that I may be fully in tune
with your divine purpose
in calling me
to the engineering profession.

Lord God,
you are the greatest Engineer,
please infuse me
even with just the tiniest spark
of your Divine Wisdom
so that as I do my work,
it is really your work that is done.

Loving God,
make my heart your Heart,
my mind your Mind,
and my hands your Hands.

Make me your instrument,
so that I may be always
conscious and mindful of the fact
that on my work depend the lives
and properties of my fellow humans.
Bless me also with the gift of love
and sensitivity to respect the people
who build and use the products
of my work.

This I ask in Jesus' name.